SF Short ‘Impasse’ available for FREE!

The short story ‘Impasse’ was originally published in the anthology ‘disLocations’ from NewCon Press, which also featured stories from Ken Macleod, Brian Stableford, Pat Cadigan, Hal Duncan and others. Considering this august company I was very pleased when Amazon reviewer Kevin M Knight said: “I enjoyed this story the most. If pressed for a favourite, I would choose this, mainly because I liked the contrasting thought processes of alien cultures as a demigod-like being went mad…”

The story is set in the same universe as my novel ‘The Outcast and the Little One’ (TOATLO); the Aumon culture glimpsed within ‘Impasse’ is fully explored by the novel in which the Aumons bring up a young girl, with dramatic consequences for both parties.

I present ‘Impasse’ FREE here as a small tempter for TOATLO. Click on the ‘Impasse’ front cover in the right-hand side-bar (or the link under ‘Free Stories’) to receive as a PDF. The work is available under the terms of a Creative Commons (3.0) License (the variant for free distribution but no commercial use or adaptations).


Andy West

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