Be Techno-thrilled by ‘The Waters of Destiny’

Today saw the launch of a major project by my co-author Ian Watson and I, a three novel modern / medieval tecno-thriller ‘The Waters of Destiny’, of which we are very proud 🙂 . All three books are available simultaneously:  ‘Assassins’ , ‘Tongue of Knowledge’, and ‘Death Overflows’. Angus Donald , bestselling author of The Outlaw Chronicles, has this to say about book One:

“Fluidly written, with finely drawn characters and spot-on historical research, Assassins (Book 1 of The Waters of Destiny) is a tightly plotted international thriller that flips effortlessly between the 12th and 21st centuries to tell a gripping tale of ancient hatreds and modern-day nightmares. Starring a murderous sect of medieval Muslims – that may just have survived into our own age – a Christian fundamentalist US Government agent hot on their trail, and a sexy Canadian history professor looking for love in all the wrong places, Assassins packs in conspiracy, action, romance and clock-ticking suspense into one thoroughly enjoyable Dan Brown-style yarn. Highly recommended.”

The series is a departure from SF for both of us, and we thoroughly enjoyed both the shared writing experience and the deep research into arcane scientific and religious knowledge, both medieval and modern.

The beautiful front-cover artworks were created by Ana Diaz. Here is the first one:

'Assassins' cover, first book in the 'Waters of Destiny' series

Front Cover Image for ‘Assassins’

Find the novels at or at Amazon or Smashwords. Best of all, the first book is FREE!


Andy West

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