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Novelette ‘Truth’ posted up at most the viewed Climate site on the planet

Anthony Watts kindly put up my post concerning ‘Truth’, which has a little background on how I came to write it and more detail than the post below. The blog stats tell me there’s about 600 views and 140 downloads of the story from WUWT references so far, pretty good going for around 22 hours. Plus a few welcome visitors here, as you may see below 🙂
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SF Novelette ‘Truth’ available for FREE!

Front Cover for Free SF Story 'Truth'
Front Cover for Free SF Story ‘Truth’

The Science Fiction novelette ‘Truth’ will no doubt be challenging and controversial to many. It draws aside veils to luridly portray social memeplexes, and particulary the social phenomena fuelled by the concept known as ‘CAGW’ in the climate science and media spheres – ‘Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming’, or man-made Climate Change.

My intent with this work was to offer an enjoyable means to make folks stop and think, to prompt questions, to counter the inappropriate yet massive narrative weight of ‘certainty’ surrounding CAGW, and to make visisble the social engine driving this and other similar ‘certainties’. The story isn’t all philosophy though and there’s plenty of action too 🙂 . For those already clued into the climatosphere, mention of climate change issues appears only slowly, but fear not a lot comes later, and for confirmed sceptics please do not baulk at the first mention of the word ‘denier’, the context will become clear.
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