Seven little gems from NewCon Press

Back in December I received a Press Sampler from NewCon Press (independant UK genre publisher) with 7 stories inside. As a NewCon regular I got this for free 🙂 . However, you can read these too for less than the price of a coffee. I can highly reccomend.
UK Kindle link, price is just 77p
US Kindle link, price is just $1.24

The original blurb is here:
The attached NewCon Press Sampler contains seven stories that are intended to provide a taster of titles due in 2013 (and the latter part of 2012). You will find here three stories from Imaginings volumes (Tony Ballantyne, Nina Allan, and Lisa Tuttle), two from imminent collections that fall outside the Imaginings series (Chris Beckett and Mercurio D. Rivera), a jolly little tale of seasonal terror from Gary McMahon (which is original to this collection), intended as a taster of his forthcoming novel The End… Plus a previously uncollected and never-in-print story from Adrian Tchaikovsky. This last is intended as a tantalising teaser for a very special and unannounced anthology, coming in 2013. Of course, to find out more, you’ll have to read on…

Amazon book description is here:
A deliberately low-priced anthology providing a taster of what NewCon Press is all about. Showcasing publications from 2012 and 2013, seven stories from seven premier genre authors: Nina Allan, Tony Ballantyne, Chris Beckett, Gary McMahon, Mercurio D. Rivera, Lisa Tuttle, and Adrian Tchaikovsky. Science fiction, fantasy, and horror at their best.

For pdf or epub, follow the link to NewCon Press on the right sidebar.
Enjoy, Andy

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