‘Truth’ available at Smashwords

My Sci-Fi / Cli-Fi novelette ‘Truth’ is now available at the Smashwords book publishing portal. Find it here: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/273983

The book remains free at this portal. However, normal publishing protections apply, so formats of ‘Truth’ loaded from Smashwords are not freely distributable under Creative Commons. If you want to distribute the work yourself (e.g. emailing the actual text or placing it direct on your website), you must use the pdf format available on the sidebar of this blog, which *is* distributable under Creative Commons (you can click on the CC License link inside the pdf to view the full conditions).

The upside of availability at Smashwords, which also partners to provide works at Barnes and Noble, Sony for their bookreaders and other outlets, is a much wider audience than just those from the climatosphere (see below for posts at climate blogs), plus availability in a whole list of formats including epub and .mobi for kindle.

Happy reading on whatever is your bookreading machine and format 🙂 .


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2 Responses to ‘Truth’ available at Smashwords

  1. Moolb Leinad says:

    Andy West’s comment above and well-said too, ”my cli-fi novella featured in Judith’s blog post last December …., the Wordspy definition doesn’t apply to this work and thus imho it is wrong. Because my piece is sceptical, it does *not* feature a future or near-future Earth affected by Climate Change. The Wordspy definition assumes that all cli-fi will be alarmist (hence an Earth damaged by climate change), but this should not be the case. Long live sceptical cli-fi!”

    Andy, Danny here. You are right. Wordspy took made it defining moment by taking the incorrectly reported NPR and CSM articles about cli fi, in which the NPR reporter defined the term the wrong way. Yes, cli fi does not have an agenda, or one agenda, as I see it. Cli fi can take place in present, future, even the past, and it can be alarmist OR skeptical or otpimistic or pessismistc or dystopian or non-dystopian, sure. So your novella does fit the cli fi defintion as originally set out and which the NPR story mangled. Impiortant to correct that, Thanks Andy.

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