‘Engines of Life’ launched

Well I returned today from a gastronomic trip to New York (I can highly reccomend the [very] fine dining restaurant ‘Per Se’ 🙂 ) to find Greyhart Press have launched my SF story collection on the very same day. What a lovely welcome home!

Engines of Life story collection Cover

Engines of Life Cover

Outstretched figure: image (c) Lonely – Shutterstock.com; abstract swirl (c) Emelyanov – Shutterstock.com

At the heart of all the philosophical SF novelettes (and a novella) in Engines of Life, beats some aspect of my major inspiring theme, evolution, be it cultural or genetic or both. Unique to this collection is The Curator; the story won the University of Central Lancaster (UCLan) Science Fiction competition a year or so back, but the publishing arm of the university ran into legal problems, leaving the story homeless. Until now that is 🙂 .

The Greyhart Press Release is here.
Paperback (224 pages) amazon.co.uk RRP £7.50 | amazon.com RRP $11.50
Kindle amazon.com | amazon.co.uk at special launch price of 99c/ 77p
Coming soon in other eBook formats.

Some summary blurb is below (click on page 2). Enjoy,

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