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This is the social psychology blog home of Andy A. West.

In truth I have little time to blog or encourage traffic here, and although comments are welcome there has indeed been little traffic over the years. The site simply provides a root home and easy reference for most of my publicly offered writings, which are mainly Guest Posts on social psychology that has a strong focus on the climate-change domain. These are mirrored from widely read blogs, mainly Judith Curry’s diverse and deep ‘Climate Etc.’ and Anthony Watts’ hugely popular ‘Watts Up With That’ (WUWT).

The name of this blog stems from my interest in self-evolving cultural narratives, and the group behaviours these invoke in us. In that sense the content is as much about cultural evolution as social psychology. The former is essentially a branch of evolutionary science, a long-term strong interest of mine. Posts address generic issues such as the nature of ‘innate skepticism’ and ‘denialism’, as well as covering specifics within the climate-change domain. At some point I really need to shift to a completely new WordPress template as this old one is not properly supported on newer devices, but I never seem to get around to it.

P.S. there’s also a free Sci-Fi / Cli-Fi novelette with a climate psychology theme, reviewed at Climate Etc and also featuring at WUWT, back around end 2012 / beginning 2013.


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  1. Joe's World {Progressive Evolution} says:


    We live in very curious times.
    Current science is all bullshit and religion is all faith.
    Very little of our science is following facts because our laws and theories are well established in society. When you put all the facts together on the history of our planet, the story very much seems like fantasy as it is so far from both science and religion of today.
    New discoveries are published and shelved and any facts are suppressed to protect the traditional teachings. All of current publishing of science has to go through the like minded “peer review”, so anything not following the current path will never be published.

    We do have enough evidence to actually have an interconnecting story of how our planet was formed and how it advanced and changed over 4.5 billion years.
    Not a single scientist or mathematician has actually mapped the differing velocities of this planet, so NO motion is actually recreated in models. LOD(light of day) and oscillations are in place of planetary tilting which gives us our seasons. No calculation of solar rays angles or rotational values. Just straight records of temper anomalies on a spreadsheet and mathematically averaged.
    Try putting that model on an actual globe fails as an orb now becomes a straight line that cannot be averaged.
    Mistakes are numerous and sometime humorous!
    Take our orbit calculation, it is suppose to be at the axis of rotation, instead, our scientists have calculated it of the one side of the sun and not included the diameter of the sun in between.

    If your interest in the actual evidence trail and how I was able to calculate out our past, just send an email.

    Take care,


  2. andywest2012 says:

    Thanks for dropping by, Joe

    When I was younger I had an ionnocent and absolute faith in all science as transmitted by mainstream sources. Now I’m older, I know a little better 😉

    However, outside of evolution and latterly ‘recent era’ climate science, I unfortunately haven’t had or got the time to chase down other branches like the space science and whole planetary history you highlight, despite a very long ago degree in physics! So I can’t comment in those areas. Pertinent to your point about peer review though, for sure it’s becoming obvious that a lot of this within climate science over the last couple of decades was appallingly shallow at best, and outright biassed in many cases. Thank goodness for the likes of Steve McIntyre and other volunteer auditors, without which the light of day may never have shone upon this subject. The other example I do know of outside the above two fields is plate tectonics; a six year old child could see that the east coast of South America and west coast of Africa fit together, but it took almost 50 years for the theory to be accepted, and any geologists who leaned towards it were thoroughly castigated. Knowledge is indeed at the mercy of social interests.

    We appear to live in curious times indeed. But it occurred to me (again once I was older), that perhaps all times have their big challenges, and seem curious to those that happen to live in them, at least once the innocence of youth has passed!

    Best, Andy.

  3. Moolb Leinad says:

    Andy West’s comment above and well-said too, ”my cli-fi novella featured in Judith’s blog post last December …., the Wordspy definition doesn’t apply to this work and thus imho it is wrong. Because my piece is sceptical, it does *not* feature a future or near-future Earth affected by Climate Change. The Wordspy definition assumes that all cli-fi will be alarmist (hence an Earth damaged by climate change), but this should not be the case. Long live sceptical cli-fi!”

    Andy, Danny here. You are right. Wordspy took the wrong defintion from the NPR story and made it the defining moment by taking the incorrectly reported NPR and CSM articles about cli fi, in which the NPR reporter defined the term the wrong way. Yes, cli fi does not have an agenda, or one agenda, as I see it. Cli fi can take place in present, future, even the past, and it can be alarmist OR skeptical or otpimistic or pessismistc or dystopian or non-dystopian, sure. So your novella does fit the cli fi defintion as originally set out and which the NPR story mangled. Impiortant to correct that, Thanks Andy.

  4. Dave Reeve says:

    Nice replicator in action here …

    “The present unsustainable global economic order has brutally overexploited natural resources to achieve so-called development, benefitted a few while plunging millions in the developing world into poverty and debt.”


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