Novelette ‘Truth’ featured in the ‘Cli-Fi’ Post at leading Lukewarmer blog

Well this Post is very belated as I’ve just returned from 2 weeks travel, on which I didn’t have sufficient time or access to do an update. But for anyone who hasn’t caught it yet, over the Christmas holiday my story ‘Truth’ was featured in the Cli-Fi (Climate Fiction) summary at Judith Curry’s blog ‘Climate Etc.’

The link is here:

Other Cli-Fi works covered were Michael Crichton’s ‘State of Fear’, Rex Fleming’s first novel ‘Exposure’, Ian McEwan’s ‘Solar’, Barbara Kingsolver’s ‘Fight Behaviour’, Clive Cussler’s ‘Arctic Drift’, plus several other novels and also one other novelette, ‘Harry Read Me’s Christmas Mission’ by Ahrvid Engholm.

For those not too familiar the the climatosphere, Judith’s blog is one of the leading ‘Lukewarmer’ blogs, perhaps the leading Lukewarmer blog. Judith herself is Professor and Chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology and President (co-owner) of Climate Forecast Applications Network (CFAN). Loosely speaking, Lukewarmers occupy the middle ground between climate sceptics and alarmists, and Judith’s science plus policy orientated blog is a great place for genuine and deep exchanges from all points of view in the climate debate.


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